Information Services

The tasks of the Information Services Department are:

  • provision of information and communication services to support teaching
  • maintenance of the computer labs and seminar rooms required for teaching 
  • ensuring all IT-supported business processes throughout the university
  • support for students / teachers in dealing with these services
  • rental of technical equipment (AV equipment and necessary accessories) for the teaching of students and staff



Tel.: +43 (0) 50 - 2211 - 1666 (Campus Urstein)
Tel.: +43 (0) 50 - 2211 - 2060 (Campus Kuchl)

Portrait of: DI (FH) Dr. Mitteregger Ralf, MBA
DI (FH) Dr.
Ralf Mitteregger
  • Head of Department, Information Services
Location: Campus Urstein
Room: Urstein - 475
T: +43-50-2211-1650