Innovation & Management in Tourism (Master)

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The tourism industry is a fast-paced and ever-changing economic sector. In this dynamic environment, it is essential for tourism managers to have an innovative mindset and to continuously drive innovation strategically. By doing so, managers will shape the future of tourism successfully and turn destinations, tourism companies and organizations into pioneers. This is exactly where the Master's programme "Innovation and Management in Tourism" comes in: We provide you with the skills to professionally adopt fresh approaches to increasingly volatile tourism markets.

Study mode: part-time
Monday & Tuesday lectures from 8am-6pm, Wednesday from 8am-1pm

* We offer 3 extra-curricular tutorials in the first semester. They are held outside of the regular lecture times but highly recommended for our master students.

* 1 - 2 block weeks per semester are possible.
Degree awarded: Master of Arts in Business (MA)
Length of study: 4 semesters
Study places per year: 35
Location: Campus Urstein
Language of instruction: English
Tuition: tuition fee € 363,- per semester + Euro 24.70 student union fee per semester
Language: This programme is completely in English.
The language of instruction and examinations are in English.
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Why study Innovation & Management in Tourism at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences?

It is essential for tourism managers to have an innovative mindset and to continuously drive innovation strategically. You will be equipped with knowledge and skills to shape and transform the future of tourism and to work as a highly valued specialist or manager in the middle and upper management. To cover a comprehensive range of relevant topics, the master programme is based on the following general foci:

  • Diversity & Internationalization: 
    Working in an international environment, getting to know hybrid cultures, impacts of globalisation, managing across borders and cultures
  • Corporate Communication & Management:
    Corporate Management, Human Resources & Leadership, Communication, Finance
  • Practical Relevance:
    renowned experts and managers, hands-on eperiences, pojects and master theses with industry partners
  • Applied Research:
    Tourism research, eTourism-Lab, case studies
Porträt Eva Brucker
Due to this international management-based Master programme our students shall become inspiring and motivating leaders in the dynamically changing global tourism market.

What you should know about the Innovation & Management in Tourism master programme

Special competencies

To address the most relevant trends and topics of the international tourism trade, the “Innovation & Management in Tourism” master programme provides in-depth knowledge in four key areas:

  • Innovation Management in Tourism
    • Strategic innovation management in tourism
    • Innovative and creative thinking
    • Innovative product development
    • The start-up eco-system
  • Experience and Transformational Design
    • Experience and transformational design theory, case studies and projects
    • Positive psychology in tourism
    • Real-life event design projects
  • Digital Transformation in Tourism 
    • Digital transformation in tourism fundamentals and research projects
    • Smart tourism solutions
    • Tourism data intelligence
    • Artificial Intelligence in tourism
  • Sustainability in Tourism
    • Sustainable destination development
    • Climate change and its effects on global tourism
    • Social sustainability in tourism
    • Green finance

Insights from a Master student of Innovation & Management in Tourism:

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Semester abroad

Study abroad

Broaden your mind and use your opportunity to study abroad at one of our numerous partner universities all over the world. A stay abroad enhances your intercultural competencies and your foreign language skills.

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Career Paths

Career prospects

Graduates of the master programme "Innovation & Management in Tourism" enjoy excellent career prospects. Your comprehensive academic and professional education trains you for managerial positions in the international tourism industry.

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