Job perspectives and careers

For graduates, perspectives are opened up as highly diversified designers and product managers in smaller and medium-sized companies, or as specifically-employed designers or product managers in larger companies with tasks in the following areas:

  •  Design: Management of the design process, development of an independent design vocabulary, design strategy and management, product design, visualisation
  • Product management: Briefing of new product ideas, strategies, project management, market research, acceptance analyses, brand identity, branding, corporate identity, distribution, POS
  • Media: Artistic direction, advertising, graphics, packaging, communications
  • Development: Product and design testing, new materials and functions, quality management

Through our connections to the »Design Research Salzburg« research department, abbreviated as DE | RE | SA, we can ensure that both established and innovative methods are mediated and used in the degree course. Furthermore, through this supervision we can ensure that your Master’s thesis complies with state of the art research and the principles of Circular Design.