Marshall Plan Scholarship

The Marshall Plan Scholarship supports the academic exchange between Austria and the U.S. and offers scholarships of € 4.000 to up to € 10.000 to Austrian and American students for a research stay of at least three months.

The scholarship has a focus on universities of applied sciences and technical universities ("Fachhochschulen und Technische Universitäten") and a precondition for the application is a research done in relation to technical sciences as well as an exceptional student performance.


Please note: the research period must be at least 3 months to max. 12 months.

The application process takes place in consultation with the international departmental coordinator of the respective Degree Programme.

Application deadline:

2nd Call: March 1st to  April 29, 2024 - earliest start August 1st, 2024
1st Call: September 2nd to October 31st 2024 - earliest start January 30st, 2025

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