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Students embark on a unique educational journey that skillfully blends the digital with the real. They delve into advanced technologies such as photogrammetry, learning to replicate real-world environments with astonishing accuracy and detail. This is complemented by in-depth training in motion and performance capture techniques, where students learn to infuse digital characters with lifelike movements and expressions, capturing the subtleties of human performance. This comprehensive approach teaches students not just to use these technologies, but to understand how they can be artfully integrated to create immersive and realistic digital experiences. As they progress, the focus shifts to virtual production, a pivotal aspect of the program, where the skills acquired in capturing and replicating real-world elements are applied to merge on-location shoots with real-time digital layers. Virtual production stands as a core element, blending on-location shoots with real-time digital layers, offering a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate and merge physical and virtual realms seamlessly. This hands-on, interdisciplinary approach is further enhanced by our partnership with Take 2 Studios, a virtual production studio in Salzburg, providing students with direct industry exposure and real-world project experience, integrating academic learning with practical application.


  • toolchain / 3D / Reconstructions
  • toolchain / PERFORMANCE / Capture 
  • toolchain / PRODUCTION / Pipelines 
  • toolchain / RENDERING / XPU