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Incoming Exchange Students: Frequently Asked Questions

If your home university is a partner of ours, you can easily apply—start your application and inquiry at the international office of your home campus.  

Click here to find if your university is our partner!

  1. Application steps and details can be found on our webpage for “incoming exchange students application”

  2. Deadlines for each semester can be found under the link above. 

  3. After we receive the nomination from your home campus, we will contact you directly with next steps regarding your application.  

When you’re studying at FH Salzburg as an exchange student, you don’t have to pay any tuition fees!  

But every student has to pay the ÖH-fee which is 21,30€ (Fall Semester 22/23). 

You can budget: 

-ca. 400€ month/housing 

-ca. 400-500€ /month cost of living 

-137€ myRegio rail ticket for the region (once per semester, optional) 

  • Students are responsible for organizing their own housing accomodation for the duration of their studies at FH Salzburg. 

  • Accomodation and housing is managed by private organizations and persons throughout the region. The FH Salzburg does not offer any accomodation directly. 

  • After a successful application and acceptance to FH Salzburg, students are provided with detailed information about options for student housing.  

  • Most dorm rooms include a bed, desk, and wardrobe for clothes. They do not include bedding (sheets/pillow) nor items for cooking. Some housing, like the OeAD offer bedding packages as an additional purchase.  

SALK Campus
  • Nursing /Krankenpflege 
  • Radiation Technology 
Urstein Campus
  • Business
  • Business Infomatics and Digital Transformation 
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Information Technology and Systems Management 
  • Innovation and Management in Tourism 
  • Midwifery  
  • MultiMediaArt 
  • MultimediaTechnology 
Kuchl Campus
  • Design and Product Management 
  • Forest Products Technology and Timber Construction 
  • Forest Products Technology and Management  
  • Smart Building / Smart Cities 
Schwarzach Campus
  • Nursing /Krankenpflege 

Find out more about each campus here.

-Information about classes offered in your subject of study can be found here.

-The International Office offers additional classes, like language and culture. Find the list of classes here 

-Classes offered in a given semester are subject to change.

-FH Salzburg does its best to schedule classes so there are not scheduling conflicts, but sometimes two classes might have overlaps. Consult your International Academic Advisor should schedule overlaps occur.  

-You will be able to learn your class schedule after the Welcome Days Orientation

    - You are required to submit a learning agreement during the application process. This will help FH Salzburg staff to know what your study plans are during the semester. Find a learning agreement template here, under the “before the mobility” section.  

    - During the application phase to FH Salzburg, your Learning Agreement is considered preliminary, meaning that it is subject to change.  

    - Signature on the Learning Agreement: The learning agreement will need to be signed by your International Academic Advisor, who serves as your academic resource during your studies at FH Salzburg.  

    During the Welcome Days Orientation you will have an obligatory meeting with your International Academic Advisor. Your learning agreement and class schedule will be finalized during the Welcome Days Orientation, upon your arrival at FH Salzburg.  

    All campus locations are accessible by public transport.  

    In the Salzburg Region: 

    If you are under 26 years old, you can get a “myRegio semesterticket for students” for about 137€. The semesterticket is valid from 01.03-31.08 or 01.09-28/29.02 

    For all timetables or to download the app, visit:  


    For travel outside of the Salzburg region, in Austria and larger Europe, please visit the Austrian National Rail website or Westbahn.  


    The health of all at FH Salzburg is a top priority. You can find the most up to date rules on our website:  

    In general animals are not allowed on campus unless expressly authorised in writing by the management board.  

    FH Salzburg itself does not offer scholarships for incoming exchange students, however check to see if you qualify for these independant scholarships.  

    You can additionally find more scholarship information from the Austrian Academic Services.  

    FH Salzburg does have a big selection of sport classes. The programme will be updated every semester and can be found here.  

    Once you have completed a semester at FH Salzburg, your transcript is available for you to download within the FHsys, using your FH Salzburg log-in information. FH Salzburg will not automatically forward your transcript to your home campus.