Realtime Art & Visual Effects (Master)

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Embark on an evolutionary educational journey that merges art with groundbreaking technology. Our Master's programme in Realtime Art & Visual Effects integrates the principles behind leading real-time graphics platforms and intricate procedural generation tools. It's about mastering the interplay of creativity and technology, and spearheading the next era of immersive digital narratives.

Degree awarded: Master of Arts in Arts and Design (MA)
Length of study: 4 semesters (2 years)
Study mode: full-time
Study places per year: 20
Location: Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (Campus Urstein)
Language: English
Tuition: tuition fee at least € 363,- per semester (up to double amount for NON-EU countries) + Euro 22.70 student union fee per semester
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Why study Realtime Art & Visual Effects at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences?

In the ever-evolving landscape of the creative and digital realm, adaptability is key. The T-shaped generalist model is central to our curriculum, equipping students with a blend of specialized knowledge and broad understanding. This approach prepares graduates to excel in their core domain while understanding and bridging interdisciplinary boundaries, crucial for success in dynamic creative environments.

The programme's strength is magnified by the long-standing collaboration between the study programmes MultiMediaTechnology and MultiMediaArt. Integrating into this collaboration establishes a triangular project structure and curriculum design. This design promotes real-world collaboration among producers, technicians, and designers, mirroring industry expectations.

Each student embarks on a comprehensive deep dive into a personal research project. Guided by individual supervision from an industry expert, this immersive journey culminates in their final master thesis, showcasing their prowess and specialized insight in the field.

Josef Schinwald

Head of Degree Programme Realtime Art & Visual Effects

Realtime Art & Visual Effects creates an outstanding synergy between design and technology. We have worked closely with international industry partners in the development of the curriculum and are already certified as an 'Unreal Academic Partner' and a 'Houdini Certified School'. This ensures that our students are trained according to the latest industry standards and offers future graduates excellent job prospects in the VR/AR/XR industry, in the games industry, in the film and VFX sector as well as in newly emerging future industries.

Three Pillars, Endless Possibilities

Unlock your potential with our cutting-edge programme that focuses on three key areas of expertise:

Realtime Workflows

Dive deep into the world of real-time graphics, where the boundaries between interactivity and visualization merge seamlessly. 

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Procedural Workflows

Learn to replace the conventional linear production with dynamic, system-oriented techniques.

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AI & Production Workflows

Explore where advanced technology enriches artistic endeavors. 

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Industry Partnerships and Endorsements

Our programme boasts robust ties with a wide array of industry stakeholders, ranging from local pioneers to global frontrunners. At the international level, our acclaim is underscored by endorsements from Epic Games, the creators of a leading game engine and SideFX, the masterminds behind a premier procedural-based platform. These partnerships have resulted in our esteemed recognitions as an Unreal Academic Partner and a Side Effects Certified School.

Online Portfolio

Take a look at our online portfolio and get inspired by great projects of our students!

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