Incoming Students

Incoming Application

Der Inhalt dieser Seite ist aktuell nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

Applications to our university can only be submitted digitally.

The password to fill in the online application is provided to our partner universities who then forward it to their nominees. Following documents should be prepared:

  • a letter of Motivation
  • a provisional Learning Agreement
  • last 2 transcript of records
  • a CV
  • 1 picture
  • copy of passport
  • Bachelor certificate
  • if available, valid English proficiency test / letter of recommendation for English skills (if mother tongue is not English)
  • nomination email from the International Office representative to

Please make sure that you have prepared all necessary documents in one "pdf - file" (max. 2MB) and in addition you are asked to upload your provisional learning agreement as an extra file. Your are asked to do so as a last step of your online application before submitting your data!

In order to communicate with you about further steps in the application process, we need an email address which you will be checking regularly.

Incoming Application

Apply now

Applications to our university can only be submitted digitally. Please note the application deadlines: 1 May for the following winter semester / 1 November for the following summer semester

Incoming Application

Nomination Deadlines

Please make sure that you were nominated beforehand by the international office of your home university to do a semester abroad at our institution.

Nomination Deadlines: 15 April for the following winter semester / 15 October for the following summer semester

Language Proficiency

Students wishing to study at FH Salzburg must either have a very good command of English or German. If students want to attend courses taught in English, they have to provide certification or a letter of recommendation for having at least a B2 level in English and/or German in case it’s not their mother tongue. A valid and internationally recognized English proficiency test such as TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge at level B2 is recommended (B2 level in English equals a minimum of 87 points regarding TOEFL iBT and a result of at least 6.0. as to IELTS). In absence of a test, we will accept a letter of recommendation from an English professor/instructor proving student’s written and oral proficiency in English.

Learning Agreement

Students can combine courses offered in various degree programmes, however, this must be planned in advance and must be specified in the provisional learning agreement prior to students’ arrival. Please contact the respective international departmental coordinator responsible for the degree programme.

Course Catalogue

Please note: Exchange students interested in the degree programmes "Design & Product Management" or "MultiMediaArt" have to submit a Portfolio!