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Dive into the world of real-time graphics, where the lines between interactivity and visualization merge seamlessly. Our Realtime Art & Visual Effects program empowers you to master the creation of highly engaging interactive applications and games, while also leveraging real-time engines for non-interactive media, such as movies and other passive visual content. As an Unreal Academic Partner, we provide an unparalleled educational experience. This partnership signifies a deep integration of the Unreal Engine into our curriculum, giving students hands-on experience with the same tools used by leading professionals in gaming, film, and virtual production. It ensures that our students are not just learning cutting-edge techniques but are also well-versed in industry-standard software, making them highly sought after in the evolving digital landscape. This mastery ensures a dynamic and versatile presence across various media platforms, equipping graduates for success in interactive environments as well as on the silver screen.


  • realtime / ENVIRONMENT
  • realtime / LIGHT 
  • realtime / MOTION
  • realtime / VFX 1 / Particles
  • realtime / VFX 2 / Destruction