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Studierendengruppe beim gemeinsamen Lernen

Innovation & Management in Tourism is a degree programme for future tourism experts who are planning a career in hotel and destination management, leisure businesses, tourism organisations and eTourism companies.

Tourism is a continuously growing, dynamic economic sector that is constantly evolving. To enable you to succeed in this ever-changing, highly competitive environment, we teach a wide range of different skills. These include:

  • management skills for tourism companies
  • business management skills
  • the ability to recognise industry trends early on
  • the ability to innovate
  • development and implementation of new tourism offers
  • use of modern technology (eTourism)
  • social and intercultural skills
  • foreign languages
  • sustainibility as a core approach in Tourism Management

Management activities and products of tourism enterprises are characterised by networked thinking at a regional, national and international level. The degree programme offers a new approach to training in tourism, providing a comprehensive university education that meets these growing demands and is tailored to the dynamic nature of the industry.

You can choose to specialise in hospitality or destination management from your third semester. This is a part-time study programme, which means that you can put your new knowledge and innovative ideas into practice straight away.

Core areas of tourism studies

  • Innovation:
    Success in tourism will primarily be decided upon in the future based on innovations. This degree program therefore deals intensively with the tools required in the fields of trend research, creativity techniques and product design and development.
  • Management:
    In order to successfully and professionally implement new products, strong know-how in the fields of entrepreneurial leadership and marketing as well as effective communication skills are among those competencies which need to appear in a tourism manager’s profile.
  • Social competencies:
    Motivation, conflict management, rhetoric and team-playing skills are some of key competencies expected of leaders in this area. The degree program provides the necessary background knowledge and assists students in recognizing their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • eTourism:
    The internet is a vital market place – particularly for touristic information, products and offers – and therefore an important factor for success. Students in this program receive the necessary know-how to apply cutting-edge technologies and systematically take advantage of the newly developing market chances in a global context.
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Lesson times:

  • Autumn block: October until Mid February

  • Spring block: End of February until end of May

  • Instructions: Monday to Thursday,  8am - 6pm

Recommended employment throughout the program during breaks: 30 weeks in total.

Study in German language:

Innovation & Management in Tourism is also offered in German language

The Bachelor degree programm Innovation & Management im Tourismus is also offered in German language. Language of instruction is German.

Bachelor in German language

Curriculum Structure

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See Curriculum for all courses as well as hours of coursework per week in the BA program Innovation and Management in Tourism. 

Modular organization structure:

1st Semester & 2nd Semester: Introduction / Fundamentals

  •  Basics of business administration
  •  Accounting Fundamentals
  •  Tourism Management
  •  Innovationmanagement
  •  Research methods 1
  •  Communications
  •  Languages

3rd & 4th Semester: Expanded knowledge & Specialisation

  • Tourism Management
  • Marketing and Communication in Tourism
  • e-Tourism
  • Trends & innovations
  • Innovative process managment
  • Specialisation in  Hospitality  or  Destination management
  • Research Methods 2
  • Accounting 2
  • Quality Management & Law
  • Languages 2

5th Semester: Intensification

  • Specialization in Hospitality  or  Destination management
  • Controlling &  Finance
  • BA thesis 2
  • Languages 3

​​​6th Semester: Integration

  • Entrepreneurial leadership
  • Team Organisation
  • Controlling &  Finance
  • BA Thesis 2