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As a graduate of our Master's degree programme, you'll be exceptionally well-prepared for the dynamic demands of the labor market. With a strong emphasis on professionalization and a myriad of potential pathways, your training at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences is a gateway to a wealth of career opportunities. Whether your aspirations lie within the realms of the game or software industry, event management, or the simulation sector, our program equips you with the skills and expertise sought after in these varied fields.

Our graduates include successful founders and managers from the following sectors: ·

  • Online industry
  • Digital media and entertainment industry
  • Computer games industry
  • Software industry
  • Advertising and digital agencies
  • Research and development
  • Startups

Launch your own start-up
As an alternative to starting a career in a bigger company, many graduates of our MultiMediaTechnology degree course choose to launch their own start-up. We are one of the most start-up-friendly universities in Austria. We are committed to the marketability of the completed projects and support the development of startups during and after your studies.

Startup Story

Check out Flathead Studio, a startup founded by master's alumni that emerged from a graduation project. Their VR game 'We Are One' is among the most successful demos on Quest.