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Web development stands as a mature and multifaceted field within computer science. From crafting elegant user interfaces to building robust backend systems, web development offers an array of exciting opportunities. The curriculum includes: ·

  • Web Performance Optimization: Focuses on enhancing the speed and efficiency of websites and web applications. It involves techniques to reduce loading times and improve user experience.

  • Applied Programming Paradigms: Covers various programming methodologies and styles, such as object-oriented, functional, and reactive programming, applied in web development contexts.

  • Distributed Software Architectures: Involves the design and management of software systems that are distributed across multiple networked computers, enhancing scalability and reliability.

  • Continuous Delivery: A software engineering approach where teams produce software in short cycles, ensuring it can be reliably released at any time, improving speed and efficiency in development.

  • Frontend Engineering: Focuses on developing the user interface and experience aspects of web applications, including layout, design, interactivity, and client-side scripting.

  • Software Quality Assurance: Involves strategies and practices to ensure that the developed software meets required quality standards, including testing, debugging, and performance evaluation.

  • Web User Research: Entails studying how users interact with web applications, gathering insights to improve usability, design, and functionality based on user behavior and preferences.

  • Scalable Web Architectures: Concerned with designing web applications that can scale effectively to handle increased loads, involving considerations for infrastructure, databases, and application design.

  • Data Engineering: Focuses on the practical aspects of collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing data, particularly in web contexts. This includes database management, data pipelines, and big data technologies.

  • DevSecOps: Integrates security practices within the DevOps process. It emphasizes the incorporation of security measures from the beginning of the development cycle, ensuring robust and secure software solutions.

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