Lecture: The changing role and scope of practice of nursing and allied health professions within the US healthcare system: lessons for Austrian Health Education

13:00 - 15:00

Prof. Hans-Peter deRuiter PhD MSc BSc RN is a professor at Minnesota State University Mankato, USA and in addition to his professorship in the field of nursing, Dr. deRuiter is the Coordinator of the Doctor in Nursing Practice program at MNSU and Director of the Glen Taylor Nursing Institute for Family and Society USA.

In the last two decades, US healthcare has gone through significant changes to meet the changing needs of healthcare. Factors such as primary care provider shortages, a need to manage increasing health costs, and addressing the social determinants of health have led to drastic changes in not only the role of nursing but also other allied health professionals in fields of nutrition, physical therapy, social work, and dental hygiene. These changes have led to a rethinking of nursing and allied health education. Many countries around the world are currently making similar changes. The chance is big these changes will also come to Austria, and this presentation will give food for thought on how to prepare for this from an Austrian perspective. 

Wo: Campus Urstein/Wissenspark – Raum wird am Vortag bekannt gegeben. 

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