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Requirements for enrolment

  • Academic degree provided by relevant bachelor programmes in the fields of human computer interaction, computer science, design, media, communication studies, psychology, sociology and engineering
  • Adequate English proficiency (minimum CEFR level English B2)

Phase 1: Online Application

Apply online at

Please provide the following information for your online application:

  • High School diploma (Matura, Abitur, A-levels, …)
  • Bachelor’s diploma, diploma supplement (including course duration, description of the content and credits) and / or transcript of records including course titles, credit hours & grades, final GPA    
  • Letter of Motivation describing your motivation, objectives and expectations for Human-Computer Interaction by answering the following 3 questions (maximum 1 page in total, in English)  Please read the information sheet (pdf) for more details

  • Short Video Self-Introduction (max. 3min) Please read the information sheet (pdf) for more details
    Provide the video as a download link within your motivational letter (f.e. wetransfer, dropbox, google drive or other file transfer services) 

  • Copy of passport
  • Bachelor Thesis (if already finished)

Please complete your application as fully as possible and upload all necessary documents. The pre-selection process for the interviews starts 2-3 weeks before the respective interview date. Subsequently submitted data can no longer be considered once the pre-selection process starts!

Phase 2: Preselection & Notifcation of Interview

After your online application a team of experts from University of Salzburg and Salzburg University of Applied Sciences will review your documents and decide, whether you will be recommended for phase 3 of the admission process. Your application is evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Key competences for the intended Master's programme
  • Motivation, objectives and expectations of the studies 
  • Previous academic achievements or practical experience 
  • Exceptionality of the applicant profile

You will receive a notification, if your application is going to be considered for the next phase in the application process. Expect this notification at the latest one week before the interview. 

Phase 3: Interview & Preparation Courses

The admission interview is held via videoconference with members of the staff of University of Salzburg and Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. The contents of this interview refer to the submitted documents and previous knowledge as well as to motivation and personal interests. The interviews is conducted in English and lasts about 25 minutes. 

Please note: during the interview, questions will also be asked about the privious knowledge in order to make a decision about the respective preparation courses. After the admission interview and a review of the application documents the programme committee decides which preparation courses will be mandatory for you. Preparation courses are integral part of your official letter of admission and you will only be approved in your studies after successfully completing the assigned preparation courses. Preparation courses will be held in advance to the regular courses at the beginning of September. The exact planning for the preparation courses will be announced in a timely manner.

Phase 4: Final Decision

After the interview and a review of your application documents the programme committee decides on the admission. Within a two week period following the interview you will receive official notification of your status (accepted/waiting list/rejected).

Enrolment at University of Salzburg

We will inform the Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg that your application for the Master in Human-Computer Interaction has been recommended for acceptance by the programme committee of the master programme. The Admission-Center at the University of Salzburg will inform you about the registration process and ultimately decide whether you will be accepted for the programme or not. You have to hand-in all documents as an original at  the admission center in order to get admission. With the formal enrolment by the University of Salzburg you are admitted at both universities. 

Please note: If you are citizen from a country outside the European Union (EU) applying to the master programme Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) it is essential that you read and follow the Admission Guide for international students (NON-EU citizen).

For questions regarding the course of study or application procedures, please contact: