Erasmus and Incoming Students

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Welcome to the Department of Creative Technologies! Here you can find an overview of courses offered in English by the Department of Creative Technologies. 

First year courses are basic courses introducing the second year specialisations within the field of creative technologies. Second year courses are specialising in either audio, communication design, film, game development, computer animation or web development. As an incoming student you will have to choose one of the specialisations and the courses offered within as to avoid timetable overlapses. In addition to the basic and specialised courses, electives can be chosen in the first and second year as well as on Master level.

As an international student you should also select projectbased courses (7,5 ECTS modules). The degree programmes MultiMediaTechnology, MultiMediaArt and Design and Product Management offer a variety of courses. 

MultiMediaArt offers two projectbased courses with 7,5 ECTS in English every term (fall and spring). As an accepted incoming student you can also choose among the Courses offered by the International Office.

The  language of general tuition is mainly German. English support such as course literature (digital and analogue) as well as individual support from lecturers and fellow students will be provided in English to successfully meet all requirements for the different courses.

For further information on academic issues, courses, course selection and provisional learning agreements, please contact the international academic advisor of the department,  Julia Schwarzacher (E-Mail: For administrative issues, please contact the International Office. As an accepted incoming student you can also choose among the Courses offered by the International Office.

International Academic Advisor

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International Academic Advisor
Department Creative Technologies
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