Frequently Asked Questions

Der Inhalt dieser Seite ist aktuell nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

The Human-Computer Interaction course requires a proficiency in English, with a minimum level of B2 according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Proof of language proficiency by means of a standardised language test may be required in individual cases, especially if, in the second phase of the application procedure, the applicant's linguistic level is judged to be insufficient with regard to the requirements of the programme.

A joint programme is a programme that has been jointly developed by two or more international universities. In case of Human-Computer Interaction one third of the courses are offered by FH Salzburg, one third by the University of Salzburg and the remaining third are offered by both institutions together. At graduation one diploma will be awarded in the name of both universities.

Evaluation studies are a frequently used method in HCI. In order to have reliable results, you need to have knowledge in qualitative and quantitative statistics. If this was not part of your bachelor studies, you are required to attend preparation course(s) in statistics beginning with September. More advanced methods will be taught during your course of study.

Parallel to writing a master thesis in the 4th semester students can study abroad at one of FH Salzburg’s or University of Salzburg’s international partners. We are working to expand our network to partner up with study programmes compatible with Human-Computer Interaction.

Human-Computer Interaction is a full-time programme but we are planning to arrange classes in such a way that studying along with a part-time job is possible. We would not advise you combining your studies with a full-time job.

Non-EU citizens are admissible to the study programme and have to follow the standard phases of admission [pdf]. We strongly recommend to apply as soon as possible and choose the earliest possible date for your admission interview, because legalisation and organisation of visa requirements can amount up to several months (depending on your home country). In case you already have a bachelor degree issued in the EU (including Diploma Supplement) and you are currently staying in EU, the application might be processed faster.

For the final acceptance to the degree programme application documents must be legalised. The legalisation modality of the documents depends on the country where the document is issued. Please read and follow the Legalisation and Translation Requirements given under "Prospective Students"  > International Applicants.

Kindly note that the process of legalisation may take several months.

First term classes are only offered in fall. The first winter semester usually starts in September with preparation classes.

At least 380 Euro / semester tuition fee (EU students) up to the double amount for other countries of origin. For preparation courses organized by University of Salzburg at least 50,- Euro per course / € 25 for one weekly contact hour (SWS)

Please note that Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg do not offer specific scholarships to international students. You need to secure adequate funds to support yourself during your study stay in Salzburg.

Yes you can apply, you must be able to prove your Bachelor's degree by the start of your HCI studies. In this case, please be sure to enclose your current complete transcript of records.

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